Oniṣẹ ina

Electric compressors are mainly used for the addition and modification of trucks, construction machinery and trucks, all kinds of pure electric vehicles, tractors, ships, etc. Features of Electric Air Conditioning Compressor: 1. With lower electric power consumption, a larger cooling capacity can be achieved, and the cooling capacity can reach 2.2kw Above, power consumption≤1kw, energy efficiency ratio>2.0, stable cooling capacity 2. The compressor is directly driven by the power source, with low vibration and low noise 3. Simple structure, small size, light weight, high volumetric efficiency 4. The host has few parts, reliable operation, high degree of automation, easy installation and use, and low failure rate It can be designed and produced according to the different needs of customers: electric compressor with speed 3000rpm-6500rpm, electric power 500w-1.5kw, refrigeration capacity 1kw-3kw.

  • Mitsubishi BN65YEAMT scroll compressor

    Mitsubishi BN65YEAMT scroll compressor

    Bowente No:48-10119

    Voltage: 380-415V 3-50/60HZ

    Power: 5790W

    OIl:POE 52-68# 2.3L

    AP: 4.15Mpa

    SP: 15 Mpa


    Port: Ningbo

    OE No: BN65YEAMT

    Brand: Mitsubushi

    Refrigerant: 410A

  • 220V DC Rotary Compressor

    220V DC Rotary Compressor

    BWT Bẹẹkọ: 48-10091

    Ijọpọ IKILỌ: 220-240V

    Igbagbogbo: 50HZ

    Refregerant: R134a

    Ibamu tembi ibaramu: 10 ~ 43 ° C

    Ivaporating temp.rang: -20 ~ 15 ° C

    Iru mọto: RSCR

    Ipilẹ insulation: B

    Itutu ifura: Olututu Itutu agbaiye

    Iṣakoso firiji: tube tube

    Iwọn folti: 160 ~ 250V

    MOQ: awọn kọnputa mejila 12

    Atilẹyin ọja: ọdun kan

  • Mitsubishi ANB42FCGMT inverter scroll compressor

    Mitsubishi ANB42FCGMT inverter scroll compressor

    Bowente No:48-10118


    Voltage: 78-400V 60-360HZ

    OIl:POE 52-68#


    Port: Ningbo


    Brand: Mitsubushi

    Refrigerant: 410A

  • 24V Electric Compressor

    24V Electric Compressor


    Ọja: Kompoda air kondisona fun ọkọ ayọkẹlẹ

    BWT Bẹẹkọ: 48-10052

    Awoṣe: Pin Pipọnti F F

    Iru Iṣiro compressor: Semi-pipade Horizontal Yiro Compressor

    Iru Mosi: Oofa oofa ti ko fẹ fun DC mọto

    Adarí Alakoso: Iyasọtọ Iru

  • 12V Electric Compressor

    12V Electric Compressor

    BWT Bẹẹkọ: 48-10033

    Awoṣe: Iru Integral Iru FA

    Iru Iṣiro compressor: Semi-pipade Horizontal Yiro Compressor

    Iru Mosi: Oofa oofa ti ko fẹ fun DC mọto

    Iru Alakoso: Iru Integral

  • Iru Iṣọpọ Integral 12V Electric

    Iru Iṣọpọ Integral 12V Electric

    BWT Bẹẹkọ: 48-10001

    Awọn ipo idanwo compressor:

    Iyara iyipo iyipo

    Voltage DC (V) Iyọkuro elede
    (MPa) (G)
    Titẹ aapọn
    (MPa) (G)
    Super alapapo

    Super itutu agbaiye

    ò × (1 ± 1%) Un × (1 ± 5%) 1.47 ± 0.02 0.196 ± 0.005 10 ± 1

    5 ± 0,5