Parking cooler

  • Parking cooler truck air conditioner

    Parking cooler truck air conditioner

    BWT No: 51-10003
    Frequency conversion method Rated voltage:DC12V/24V
    Inverter current: 8/40A
    Refrigerant charge:600g土20g R134a
    Cooling capacity:500-2800W
    Outer size, net weight:68*18.5*43cm 20KG
    Internal machine size,net weight:46*16*32cm 5KG
    Condensing fan,air volume:4.5A 2600m3 /h
    Evaporation fan,air volume:4A 1200m3 /h
    Compressor: DC scroll compressor 25cc/r 800W
    Cold oil:90-120ml POE 68
    Undervoltage protection:24V(21V) 12V(10.5V)
    Undervoltage recovery:24V(25.5V) 12V(14.5V)

  • Vehicle DC inverter air conditioner

    Vehicle DC inverter air conditioner

    BWT No: 51-10020

    Internal machine type:Up wind
    External machine type:Roof top
    Rated voltage:12V
    Rated maximum input current:77A
    Rated maximum input power:924W
    Frequency conversion/fixed frequency:Frequency conversion
    Heating or cooling type:Single cool
    Rated maximum cooling capacity:2500W
    External machine size(mm) :W630×D430×H248
    External machine weight:20.0kg
    Internal machine size (mm) :W665×D200×H320
    Internal machine weight:6.0kg
    Temperature range: (18-28)℃
    Refrigerant type:HFC-407c
    External machine waterproof rating:IPX7

  • Integrated Truck Parking Air Conditioner

    Integrated Truck Parking Air Conditioner

    BWT No: 51-10003

    ICooling Capacity: 2800W
    Power: 300-1300W
    Compressor Type: horizontal vortex DC frequency conversion
    Fan: 500m³/h DC24V DC fan/ 5 Speed
    Control mode: Panel buttons and remote control
    Refrigerant: R134a environmental friendly
    External size: 780*910*185
    Interior size: 550*865 or 450*765
    Installtion hole size:310*530mm smallest
    500*810mm biggest
    Weight: 28KG
    Application:Heavy truck, light truck, bus, construction machinery, RV, Boat and etc.