The position of the blower resistor in the car

The motor that runs the fan in the heating and air-conditioning system of a car is called a blower motor. It is located inside the dashboard, usually on the other side of the steering wheel, or inside the engine compartment on the firewall. The blower motor resistor or blower motor control module is the component that controls the speed of the blower motor.

On many vehicles, the blower motor resisotor can be accessed by removing the glove box or checking the position under the dashboard. The resistor is a module connected to the wire and installed near the blower motor. In other cases, it is located behind the dashboard, and part of the dashboard may have to be disassembled to reach the dashboard.

Cars with automatic climate control systems and vehicles that can gradually adjust the speed of the blower are equipped with electronic blower motor control modules.
In most modern cars, the blower resistor or control module is installed in a duct in the HVAC system, near the blower motor. This is done to allow the resistor or control module to be cooled by air. In some older cars, blower motor resistors are installed on the firewall, which can be accessed from under the hood.

blower motor resistor in car

Post time: Jul-02-2020