Use of parking heater

With the improvement of passenger car comfort requirements, except for a few hot areas, the heating system has become the basic configuration of passenger cars. The correct use and maintenance of the passenger car heating system will not only help extend the service life of the heating system, but also eliminate hidden dangers of insecurity.
Parking heater use
1. Introduction to the switch panel
Take a fuel parking heater switch panel for a vehicle as an example, the functions of each switch are as follows:
a. Heater water pump switch: used to turn on or off the water pump in the heating system
b. Heater switch: used to turn the heater on or off
c. Radiator switch: used to turn on or off the fan on the radiator
d. Defroster switch: used to turn on or off the fan on the defroster
2. How to use
a. Press the heater water pump switch to operate the water pump. Using this switch, the waste heat of the engine can be used to heat the interior of the car and defrost the windshield.
b. Press the heater switch, the heater starts to work and automatically ignites.
c. After the heater catches fire, the controller automatically cuts off the glow plug and the heater works normally.
d. The water temperature sensor at the water inlet of the heater automatically controls the constant temperature of the coolant in the circulation system. When the temperature of the water inlet reaches 80℃, the fire will be extinguished; when the temperature is 65℃, the ignition will be restarted, and the water pump will continue to work.
e. Turn off: turn off the heater switch first, then turn off the water pump switch, not first
Turn off the water pump and then turn off the parking air heater.

parking air heater

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