The development history of the automotive air conditioning II

In 1954, the Nash Automobile Company took the advantage of the hot iron to launch an automatic air conditioner called "Climate Eye" in the true sense. This type of air conditioner finally puts the control switch on the front control panel, and uses electric control switches and air outlets to help people have more temperature choices. At the same time, the air conditioner equipped on this car is also the first compact air conditioning system that integrates heating and cooling.

Since then, Japan and some European countries have started to trial-produce automobile air conditioners with reference to the United States. After the 1960s, air-conditioning devices for automobile air conditioners began to spread all over the world. According to relevant statistics, as of 1962, there were 750,000 sets of air-conditioning equipment in cars in the world.

At the same time, the research and development of automotive air conditioners is also making continuous progress. In 1964, the first automatic temperature control car air conditioner was installed on the Cadillac luxury car of General Motors. Companies such as Toyota, Rolls-Royce, and Mercedes-Benz were not far behind. By 1971, automatic car air-conditioning equipment was installed in their luxury cars. This method is still used in a large number of economic cars and is currently the most widely used method.

In 1979, the United States and Japan jointly launched a computer-controlled auto air-conditioning equipment system, and used digital display to achieve the best control. This advancement has pushed automotive air-conditioning technology to a new level. At this time, automotive air-conditioning has entered the fourth generation of products.

In China the first automobile air conditioners appeared in the 1970s, and Changchun FAW Hongqi sedan was the first batch of cars equipped with automobile air conditioners. In 1976, the former Shanghai Internal Combustion Engine Oil Pump Factory and the Shanghai Automobile Air Conditioner Factory produced automotive air conditioners, which were used in the Shanghai brand car SH760A sedan.

In fact, the significance of car air conditioners to cars may not be as great as changing the world, but they are also indispensable. Imagine a hot summer day or an icy world, a car without air conditioning will not be pleasant anyway.



Post time: Sep-16-2021