Summary of Auto AC Maintenance and Common Faults and Case Analysis of Automobile Air Conditioning 9

Failure Analysis and Elimination of Automobile Air Conditioning Refrigeration System

First, listen to the driver’s statement on a certain failure of the air-conditioning operation. The system should start to make a judgment, and then determine a certain part, and then confirm a certain component or pipeline, and use appropriate methods to carry out various elimination or maintenance.

The refrigeration system in the automobile air conditioning system has a complex structure, many joint lines, and a harsh operating environment. Therefore, 80% of its failures are in the system. The performance of the air conditioner to be repaired is as follows:

① There is no air-conditioning supply at all;

② Insufficient air-conditioning supply;

③The air-conditioning supply is not continuous;

④ The air-conditioning system is out of control;

⑤ The air-conditioning system is noisy.

(1) There is no failure of air-conditioning supply at all

1) Analysis and elimination when the air volume is normal but the auto ac compressor does not rotate

①Fault and elimination of electromagnetic clutch

a. The fuse is blown and replaced.

b. The wiring connector in the circuit breaks or falls off, check and connect the circuit and the connector.

c. The relay and switch are burned out and replaced.

d. The clutch slips, remove the clutch assembly, repair or replace.

e. Idle speed stabilization amplifier is faulty, remove it for repair or


②The electromagnetic clutch is normal

a. If the compressor belt is broken or too loose, tighten or replace the belt.

b. The compressor is faulty, remove the compressor, repair or replace it.

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