Summary of Auto AC Maintenance and Common Faults and Case Analysis of Automobile Air Conditioning 19

Car Air Conditioning Failure Cases

1 After the car air conditioner has been refrigerated for a period of time, the air-conditioning is insufficient, and there are air bubbles in the glass hole of the liquid storage tank

After investigation, the cause of the failure: due to the vibration of the car during driving, the joints in the system are loosened, and leakage occurs, which reduces the refrigerant and reduces the cooling capacity.

Treatment method: Use the naked eye or a leak detector to find the leak, and tighten the loose part. If there is still leakage, add a copper sheet to the joint to stop the leak

2 The car air conditioner is not cooling, there is hot air at the air outlet, there is a temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the expansion valve, and the reading on the low pressure gauge is very low

After investigation, the cause of the failure: the refrigeration system leaks completely, or the temperature sensor on the expansion valve is worn out, causing the refrigerant to leak, so that the valve hole of the expansion valve is closed, the flow of the refrigerant stops, and the refrigeration cannot be cooled.

Treatment method: Check whether the temperature sensor is worn, and replace it if it is damaged; if it is not damaged, check the refrigeration system comprehensively, repair the leaking parts, and refill the refrigerant

3 The air at the air outlet of the car air conditioner is not cold, the temperature of the auto ac compressor rises, the low pressure indication drops rapidly, the reading on the high pressure gauge is too high, and the cause of the fault is checked: there are too many impurities in the system, and the filter screen of the expansion valve is too dirty, which causes the refrigerant to flow to the expansion valve and cannot move forward. At this time, the expansion valve Thin cream or sweating

Treatment method: Use the gap to open the air-conditioning system to eliminate instantaneous blockage. If the blockage is serious, the filter screen should be cleaned, the system should be emptied, and the refrigerant should be refilled.

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