Summary of Auto AC Maintenance and Common Faults and Case Analysis of Automobile Air Conditioning 17

(2) Analysis and elimination of the shutdown of the air supply system

1) The fuse is blown or the switch is in poor contact. Check the fuse and replace it, and lightly wipe the switch contacts with fine sandpaper.

2) The winding of the blower motor is burned out, replace the winding.

3) The blower speed regulating resistor is broken and the resistor should be replaced.

(3) Analysis and elimination of pipeline leakage

1) The hose is aging and the joint is not firm. Replace the water pipe and connect the joint securely.

2) If the hot water switch cannot be closed, the hot water switch should be repaired.

(4) Analysis and elimination of heating overheating.

1) Improper adjustment of the temperature control damper. Should be readjusted.

2) The fan speed regulating resistor is damaged, replace the resistor.

3) The engine thermostat is damaged, replace the thermostat.

(5) Analysis and elimination of insufficient defrosting hot air.

1) The air outlet is blocked. Should be cleared.

2) Insufficient heating. To check the corresponding parts: heater, temperature door, blower, hot water switch, thermostat, see (1) above for details.

3) Improper adjustment of the defrost damper. Re-adjust the damper.

(6) Analysis and elimination of peculiar smell in the heater core.

1) The heater's water inlet pipe joint is leaking and should be tightened or stuck.

2) The heater pipe is leaking. Replace the heater tube.

(7) Analysis and elimination of laborious or ineffective manipulation

1) The control mechanism is stuck and the air door is stuck tightly. Should be adjusted or repaired.

2) All vacuum drives are out of order and should be replaced.

The above outlines the undesirable phenomena of the air-conditioning system and the treatment methods, which can help analyze the causes in actual use, so as to "prescribe the right medicine", eliminate the fault, and make the auto air-conditioning work normally.

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