Summary of Auto AC Maintenance and Common Faults and Case Analysis of Automobile Air Conditioning 16

2 Failure analysis and troubleshooting procedures of general automobile air conditioning and heating systems

Like the aforementioned braking system, the fault judgment procedure is to judge the specific part of the fault and eliminate the fault after listening to the driver’s warranty status, following the procedure from simple to complex. The main faults are:

① No heating or insufficient heating;

②The air supply system stops running;

③The pipeline leaks;

④ Heating is overheated;

⑤Insufficient hot air for defrosting;

⑥ The heater core has peculiar smell;

⑦ Manipulation is laborious or ineffective;

(1) Analysis and elimination of no heating or insufficient heating

1) The air supply system is abnormal

① If the blower motor of the air conditioner is damaged, repair it and replace it.

②The blower relay and thermostat are damaged, replace them.

③The hot air pipe is blocked. Clear the blockage.

④The temperature door vacuum driver is damaged. Replace the vacuum driver.

2) The car heater system is abnormal

① The heater is leaking. Replace the heater shell at this time.

②There is air in the heater core tube. The air should be vented.

③ Poor ventilation caused by heater fins. The fins should be corrected first, and replaced if they cannot be ruled out.

④The airflow on the heater surface is blocked. Blow through the heater surface with compressed air.

⑤The heater core tube is fouled and blocked. The core tube is descaled chemically.

3) Abnormal waterway system

① The cooling water pipe does not flow smoothly. This is caused by bending of the water pipe and should be replaced.

②The hot water switch or vacuum drive fails. Repair or replace to ensure that there is enough heating water.

③The thermostat of the generator is damaged and should be replaced.

④ The coolant is insufficient. At this time, the coolant should be supplemented first, and the radiator cover should be checked for air leakage.

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