Summary of Auto AC Maintenance and Common Faults and Case Analysis of Automobile Air Conditioning 15

2) Noise inside the system

① Too much refrigerant, noisy work, bubbles in the observation window, and high and low pressure gauge readings are too high. Drain the excess refrigerant until the pressure gauge reading drops to the standard value and the bubbles disappear.

②There is too little refrigerant, the expansion valve makes noise, there are bubbles and mist in the observation window, and the low pressure meter reading is too low. Find out the air leakage point of the system, remove the system and repair it, evacuate the system and replace the receiver dryer, and charge the system with refrigerant.

③There is water vapor in the system, causing noise from the expansion valve. Clear the system, vacuum the system, replace the reservoir dryer, and add liquid.

④The high pressure side pressure is too high and the high pressure auxiliary valve is closed, causing the auto ac compressor to vibrate. Open the valve immediately.

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