Summary of Auto AC Maintenance and Common Faults and Case Analysis of Automobile Air Conditioning 14

2) Analysis and elimination when the auto ac compressor is running intermittently

①The clutch slips, remove the clutch assembly, repair or replace.

②The clutch coil is loose or poorly grounded. Remove it for repair or replacement.

③ Switches and relays are closed and closed at times and out of control. Replace out-of-control parts.

(4) Analysis and elimination of out-of-control air-conditioning system

1) The thermistor or temperature-sensing bulb fails, replace it.

2) The idle speed stabilization amplifier is faulty, replace it.

3) The expansion valve is stuck, remove it for repair or replacement.

4) The on-off solenoid valve is out of control and should be replaced.

(5) Analysis and elimination of large noise in the air-conditioning system.

1) External noise of the system

①The belt is too loose or excessively worn. Tighten the belt or replace the belt.

②The fixing screws of the compressor mounting bracket are loose. Be fastened.

③The compressor mounting bracket is broken, replace the bracket.

④The internal parts of the car ac compressor are damaged. Remove the compressor for repair or replacement.

⑤The amount of refrigerating oil is too little or there is no oil. come on

⑥ Clutch slipping noise. Remove the clutch for repair or replacement.

⑦The clutch bearing is out of oil or damaged. Lubricate the clutch bearing or replace the bearing.

⑧ The bearing of the air cooler motor is damaged. Replace the air cooler motor bearing.

⑨The air cooler bracket is broken or loose. If it breaks, it should be replaced and fixed firmly. If it is loose and noisy, tighten the bracket.

⑩The air cooler blade is broken or damaged. Replace the air cooler blades.

The air cooler blade rubs against other parts, find out the specific cause, and correct it.

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