Summary of Auto AC Maintenance and Common Faults and Case Analysis of Automobile Air Conditioning 13

2) Analysis and elimination of abnormal air flow

①The cold air motor is normal

a. Obstacles in the suction port should be removed.

b. The ac evaporator is frosted. Remove evaporator pipes and radiator fins.

c. The filter in the reservoir is clogged. Clean or replace the filter.

d. The air supply pipe is blocked. Clean or replace the air filter, remove the obstacles in the passage, and drain the air pipe that is around.

e. The air supply pipe is damaged. Replace the air supply pipe.

②The cold air motor is abnormal

a. The switch of the cold air motor is abnormal; the motor is in poor contact; the air cooler is not properly fixed. Replace the switch, repair or replace the motor and fix it firmly.

b. The fuse is blown or the circuit is disconnected; the connection part is off or the contact is poor. Replace the fuse and wire.

c. The outside of the air cooler is damaged or deformed. Repair or replace.

(3) The supply of air-conditioning is not continuous

1) Analysis and elimination when the auto ac compressor is running normally

① There is an ice block in the air-conditioning system. Clear the system and replace the reservoir dryer.

②Replace the thermistor or temperature-sensing bulb if it fails.

③If the air cooler motor is damaged or the motor switch is damaged, replace the damaged parts.

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