Special requirements for automobile air-conditioning compressors

The dynamic characteristics of automobile operation and the changeable external environment put forward some special requirements on the performance and structure of automobile air-conditioning compressors, which are manifested in:
1. To have good low-speed performance, the compressor is required to have greater cooling capacity and higher efficiency when the car engine is at low speed and no-load.
2. When the car is running at high speed, the input power is low, which not only saves fuel consumption, but also reduces the power consumption of the engine for air conditioning and improves the power performance of the car itself.
3. The auto ac compressor should be small and lightweight, which can save car space, convenient installation location, and save material and fuel consumption.
4. It must be able to withstand the test of harsh operating conditions and have a high degree of reliability and durability. At idling speed, the temperature in the engine compartment of a car is sometimes as high as 80°C and the condensing pressure is high, which requires the car ac compressor to withstand high temperature and high pressure and limited overload. Cars always have bumps and vibrations on the road, which also requires the compressor to have good shock resistance and minimize the leakage of refrigerant.
5. Do not adversely affect the car. The compressor is required to run smoothly, with low vibration, low noise, small start and stop influence on engine speed, and small starting torque.

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Post time: Jul-19-2021