Keeping Things Cool With Different Blade Types

Is there air conditioning? How thick is the radiator? What is the distance from the radiator to the engine? What are the highest performance fan packs that we can fit in the available space? Finally, how much current is available?

Packaging is one of the biggest problems we encountered. The thin fan is not very powerful. It’s best to understand the limitations you want to overcome, and then make an informed decision based on that. "

Remember that the radiator cooling fan should also cover about 70% of the radiator core to provide enough cooling capacity to keep up with the engine speed. When choosing a fan, it is best to contact the fan manufacturer. When you explain what engine, vehicle and application you have, a technician can help you determine the best fan for that package.

SPAL Electric Fans offers a variety of single electric fans with a maximum diameter of 16 inches and dual electric fans with various CFM and ampere ratings. Dual electric fans are usually selected in high-power vehicles (including forced air intake applications). Like other manufacturers, SPAL offers straight, curved and curved paddle blade designs.

Brushless fan for bus

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Post time: Jun-11-2020