Reasons and solutions for unrefrigeration of automobile air conditioners 2

Reason 3: The condenser of the car air conditioner is too dirty.

If the car air conditioner is used for a long time without cleaning, various impurities will wrap the condenser, so the auto ac condenser cannot dissipate heat normally. This will cause the pressure and temperature of the air-conditioning system to be too high. In order to protect the air-conditioning system, the air-conditioning pump will stop working and not cooling.

If you stop and turn on the air conditioner without cooling, and the air conditioner can cool when the vehicle is driving, that is basically the reason. Because the speed of the car can be used to dissipate the air conditioning system when the car is running, the air conditioning system will be cooled when the vehicle is running.

Solution: You can use a high-pressure water gun to clean the cooling fins of the lower condenser, and then use a high-pressure air gun to blow dry after cleaning.


Reason 4: The moisture-proof agent in the drying tank is saturated with moisture.

After the moisture-proofing agent in the drying tank of the automobile air-conditioning refrigeration system is in a moisture-absorbing and saturated state, there will be water that can no longer be filtered out. When the freon passes through the expansion valve orifice, due to its pressure and temperature drop, the water in the coolant This will cause freezing in the small holes, and cause the flow of Freon to be unsmooth, increase the resistance, or not flow at all.

Solution: Stop the machine for a while, and after the ice melts, the refrigeration system will appear in all normal conditions. But this is just a stopgap measure. The radical solution is to replace the moisture-proof agent, and re-evacuate the system and re-inject new freon.


Post time: Oct-18-2021