Reasons and solutions for unrefrigeration of automobile air conditioners 1

In the hot summer, if the car’s air conditioner does not work, it will be like a steamer in the car, which is quite difficult. Especially in the scorching sun, you can hardly stay in the car, because the whole car will become an oven. Let's take a look at the reasons and solutions for uncooled car air conditioners, so that you can spend less money and solve the problem quickly.
Reasons and solutions for non-refrigeration of automobile air conditioners:

Reason 1: The refrigerant in the car air conditioner is insufficient.

Car air conditioners are used for a long time and the refrigerant is consumed, which will lead to insufficient cooling of the air conditioner and affect the cooling effect of the air conditioner.

Solution: add air conditioning refrigerant.

Reason 2: Leakage of refrigerant in automobile air conditioner.

Once the refrigerant leaks, the internal and external units of the car's air conditioner will work normally, but there is no cooling effect, so the air conditioner does not cool down.

Solution 1: Check whether the pipelines, air-conditioning pumps, condensers, evaporating boxes and other parts in the automobile air-conditioning system are damaged and cause refrigerant leakage, and then replace the defective parts.

Solution 2: Add fluorescent agent while adding refrigerant. Use a special fluorescent lamp to check the air-conditioning system after the vehicle has been used for a week. If there is a leak, it will light up, indicating that the part is damaged. Replace the defective part.


Post time: Oct-14-2021