During the two sessions this year, Ma Xulin, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Director of the General Service Department of the State Post Bureau, submitted a "Proposal on Financial Support for Postal Express Enterprises in the Development of Cold Chain Logistics in Rural Areas." In the form of awards and subsidies, postal and express companies are specifically supported to build cold chain logistics infrastructure such as pre-cooling, storage and preservation, and primary processing of agricultural products, improve the layout of county-level agricultural cold chain storage and normal temperature storage centers, and solve the constraints on cold chain logistics in rural areas The development bottleneck speeds up the promotion of "agricultural products entering cities".In fact, in recent years, favorable policies to support rural cold chain logistics have frequently appeared. It is understood that the Central Document No. 1 has mentioned the development of cold chain logistics for four consecutive years since 2017; in 2020, the Central Document No. 1 also proposed “to start the construction of cold chain logistics facilities for the storage and preservation of agricultural products, arrange investment within the central budget to support the construction Batch the backbone cold chain logistics base."
With the continuous expansion of my country's cold chain logistics market, including rural logistics, there is a huge consumer market for refrigerated trucks. And under the guidance of national policies, my country's new energy refrigerated electric vehicles may usher in a new round of development opportunities. In addition, more and more traditional car companies are shifting their business focus to electric vehicles. The development of new energy refrigerated electric vehicles is the battery Further breakthroughs in battery life, charging and other issues will surely bring more desirable new energy refrigerated vehicles to the market.

new energy refrigerated electric vehicles

Post time: Jun-21-2021