Manufacturer ranking of global automotive air conditioning industry

There are two major factions in the field of automotive air conditioning: Japan and the United States. The Japanese system occupies a dominant position, but the American system still cannot be underestimated.

Denso is the leader. Denso and Toyota Industries which belongs to Toyota group are the largest manufacturer of automobile air conditioning compressor in the world, with a market share of more than 1 / 3. All major brand automobile manufacturers in the world use electric equipment for automobile air conditioning or compressor. In the early stage, the compressor production business of Denso was huge. After 2000, it gradually transferred to  Toyota Industries. Denso focused on the design and sales of the overall air conditioning system. The two jointly build overseas compressor bases, and  Toyota Industries holds 65% of the shares.  Toyota Industries only produce compressors.

Valeo's automotive air conditioning technology comes from the acquired Japanese Zexel company. Zexel 's predecessor is Japan diesel Co., Ltd., which is the largest diesel fuel injection manufacturer in Asia. It was founded in 1939 with technology from Bosch, Germany. Jacksell was acquired by Bosch in 2000. Bosch only retained the diesel injection business and sold the compressor business to Valeo for 100 million euros in 2005. The joint venture between Valeo and Zexel has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Valeo. Although not the core business, Zexel's compressor technology is still excellent.

Calsonic Kansei is a member of Nissan group, and 70% of its revenue comes from Nissan. Nissan owns 32% of the company. At first, calsonic Kansei and Harrison of Delphi jointly produced automobile air conditioning compressors, and then acquired the compressor business of Seiko Japan. Japan Seiko's compressor technology is first-class and is deeply favored by BMW of Germany. BMW's contribution to Japan Seiko's compressor exceeds 70%. But Seiko's core business is timing equipment. After the acquisition, calsonic Kansei naturally became a supplier to BMW.

Although Delphi is struggling, the automotive thermal system of automotive air conditioning is Delphi's core business and will never give up. Delphi has been cooperating with Harrison to produce compressors, and was once the largest manufacturer of automotive air conditioning compressors in the world. Harrison is also a century old enterprise. In addition to GM, a stable big customer, Fiat, PSA and Renault are also their loyal customers.

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