How to use auto air conditioner correctly

1. In order to avoid excessive load when the engine is started, and the air conditioning compressor can quickly enter the minimum working state, don't rush to turn on the air conditioning after entering the car. The door and window should be opened first. The fan can be used for ventilation first. After the hot air is discharged for two or three minutes, sit in and start the car. Don't be in a hurry to close the window. First open the external circulation of the air conditioner. When the temperature inside and outside the car is similar, close the window and start the internal circulation.

2. Selecting the appropriate air conditioning temperature is the first step of air conditioning maintenance. Due to the hot weather, many car owners like to adjust the temperature too low, which will affect their health. Under normal conditions, the difference between the temperature in the compartment and the outside temperature should be 5 ℃ to 6 ℃, that is, the minimum temperature of the air conditioner is 18 ℃ to 25 ℃.

3. It is better to adjust the wind direction in the cooling space and time to blow upward, because the cold air will sink, the wind direction is the smallest, the blowing face block is the best choice, and the effect of adjusting the air outlet upward is the smallest. Do not choose the wind block, because the temperature of the windshield glass is very high, which will offset most of the cooling effect. When selecting the wind speed gear, do not always use the minimum high gear. The air output is large, and the refrigeration effect is not necessarily good. If only the front passengers choose gear 2 or 3, the wind speed is enough.

4. It is suggested that car owners should turn off the air conditioner 6-7 minutes before preparing to stop, let the remaining hot gas dry the water in the auto ac evaporator, and eliminate the temperature difference with the outside world, so as to easily keep the air conditioning system relatively dry and reduce the peculiar smell of the air conditioner. Moreover, turning off the air conditioner in advance before parking will avoid the impact on the service life of the battery and air conditioner and damage to the engine.

During the use of the automobile air conditioning system, the air will flow in the blower, the evaporation tank of the refrigeration system, the small water tank of the heating system and the air duct. As long as the blower of the air conditioning system is turned on or the air inlet mode is selected to circulate indoors, the air will enter the above system regardless of whether the refrigeration device is used or not. Over time, the surface of the above device accumulates a lot of dust, moisture, bacteria and other dirt, which will cause damage and allergic reaction to human respiratory system and skin, directly affect the health of passengers, and the air conditioning system itself will have faults such as poor refrigeration effect and small air output.

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Post time: Oct-11-2021