How to remanufacture the Auto AC Compressor?

Driving a vehicle with a malfunctioning air conditioner or Auto AC compressor in hot weather is a painful experience. The compressor is the main component of the AC system, but it will fail due to jamming. Rebuilding the compressor is an option to do it yourself.

The Car AC compressor pressurizes the internal refrigerant fluid to cool the air entering the vehicle interior. The compressor works by using multiple mechanical parts meshed together to pressurize the physical refrigerant. The mechanical aspect of the compressor allows the mechanic to disassemble and analyze the moving parts for reconstruction.

Drain the oil from the compressor. Remove the shaft nut of the compressor, and carefully disassemble the compressor to avoid bending the parts. Before rebuilding, check whether the parts are deformed. Replace any structurally damaged parts to prevent compressor leakage. Reverse the disassembly and carefully engage the parts back into their respective positions.

Certain auto air conditioning compressor parts require special disassembly tools and torque tools. Confirm that all tools are available to prevent damage to compressor parts due to improper disassembly and replacement techniques.

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How to remanufacture the Auto AC Compressor


Post time: Jan-04-2021