Compressor Control Valve Tester

Many new air conditioning systems and most new luxury cars use clutchless compressors with compressor control valves. Clutchless compressors use thermistors, sensors and solenoids to electronically perform the same functions as electromagnetic clutches.

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The function of the valve is to balance the pressure of the fluid flowing through the system by controlling the angle of the swash plate. In this way, the evaporator can be maintained at a constant temperature slightly higher than the freezing point to maximize the operation of the automatic air conditioning system.

Although mechanical control valves still play a role in old and economical cars due to increased costs, the control range of electronic control valves is much superior. The electronic control valve is more efficient, reduces the displacement, saves the wear of the AC system, reduces the load on the engine during operation, and produces cleaner emissions. Ultimately, the more expensive models are more cost-effective throughout the life of the vehicle.

Since the compressor control valve is electronic, the diagnostic test only needs to be connected to the diagnostic test equipment. You can determine whether the AC compressor components are working properly within a few minutes.

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Control valve tester

Post time: Sep-24-2020