Automotive AC compressor

In terms of revenue, the global automotive air-conditioning compressor market is expected to reach US$2 billion in 2026. During the forecast period from 2019 to 2026, the CAGR is 2.%.

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Automobile AC compressor is a key element of HVAC system. The growth of global automobile production and sales and the growth of car ownership are driving the development of the global automotive AC compressor market. Global warming is a major issue affecting people's lives. The ambient temperature increases by one to two degrees per year. Transportation in such weather conditions is not easy.

During the forecast period, maintenance issues, some technical restrictions, and high prices of luxury cars are expected to become secondary constraints for the rapid growth of the global automotive AC compressor market. Demand for vehicle climate control systems, increased demand for comfort and ease of travel, reduced vehicle loan interest rates, easy access to customized currency plans, and increased purchasing power due to the increase in consumer income per capita are the main factors causing this situation. market share.

The automotive AC compressor market is mainly subdivided into design types, vehicle types, drive types, sales channels and regions. Based on the design type, due to the higher usage rate and ease of use of swing AC compressors in all types of vehicles, the reciprocating compressor is the leading market segment of the AC compressor market in 2018.

Due to the compact size, low operating noise, and the need to improve engine efficiency, the rotating part is expected to expand. The scroll compressor has light weight and low operating noise. Due to the increasing trend of lightweight, it is estimated that scroll compressors will grow in the field of passenger cars.

Based on the drive type, the automotive AC compressor market is divided into electric AC compressors and conventional AC compressors. The conventional AC compressor is directly driven by the vehicle engine through a pulley connected by a V-belt. In terms of vehicle types, the automotive AC compressor market can be divided into passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The increase in passenger car production has driven the demand for AC compressors. The penetration of air conditioners in heavy commercial vehicles is increasing and this is leading to an increase in the demand for air compressors.

In terms of regions, the automotive AC compressor market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. The Asia-Pacific region is currently an important market for automotive AC compressors, followed by China and Japan. Germany is the leading manufacturer of AC compressors in Europe. Japan has a huge automotive industry base and is expected to create demand for automotive AC compressors.

Post time: Apr-16-2020