New Energy AC

The truck parking air conditioner is a kind of in-car air conditioner. Refers to the continuous operation of the air conditioner with the on-board battery DC power supply (12V/24V/36V) during parking and waiting and rest, and the adjustment and control of the temperature, humidity, flow rate, and other parameters of the ambient air in the car to fully meet the comfort cooling needs of the truck driver device of. Due to the limitation of onboard battery power and the poor user experience of heating in winter, parking air conditioners are mainly single-cooled air conditioners. Generally include cold medium conveying system, cold source equipment, terminal equipment, etc. and other auxiliary systems. Mainly include condenser, evaporator, electric control system, compressor, fan, and pipeline system. The terminal device uses the cold energy from the transmission and distribution to specifically deal with the air conditioner in the cabin and provide a comfortable resting environment for the truck driver. The parking heater is an onboard heating device independent of the car engine and has its own fuel pipeline, circuit, combustion heating device, and control device. Without starting the engine, the car engine and cab parked in the low temperature and cold environment in winter can be warmed up. Completely eliminate the cold start wear of the car. Generally, parking heaters are divided into two types: water heaters and air heaters according to the medium. According to the type of fuel, it is divided into a gasoline heater and diesel heater. D refers to diesel, B refers to gasoline, W refers to a liquid, A refers to air, 16-35 refers to power 16-35 kilowatts; DW16-35 parking heater is also called DW16-35 liquid heater, which can be divided into DA2 DA4, DW5, DA12, DW16-35 parking heaters.

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