Handheld Manual Hydraulic Hose Crimping Tool


BWT No: 37-10291

Handheld Hydraulic Hose Crimping Tool

Piston force:80KN

Maximum travel of piston:14mm

Hose dimension:Nominal diameter, Dn,5/16″~5/8″

Standard module group:7

Operation mode:Manual

Ambient temperature:-10~60°C

Arm strength≤75kg

Crimping time:about 10s

Noise level:≤10db(Not detected)

Warranty: 18 months


Product Detail

Product Tags

As portable crimping tools, hydraulic crimper apply to sealing connection of the rubber hoses and their associated hose joints

and accessories corresponding to the design module. Any other applications will be regarded as non specified applications.

Our company will not claim any responsibility for any damage incurred by non specified applications, whether hydraulic crimper are used by other manufacturers or our company.

Specified applications include compliance with use instructions, inspection and maintenance requirement and other use safety instructions.

As portable crimping tools, hydraulic crimper shall not be used for fixed occasions. Any auxiliary force application tools shall be used, or permanent damage to the equipment will occur.


Hose specification given conditions

Hose size inner diameter Hose size Outer diameter

Hose fitting outer diameter



5/16” Dn8 Φ8 ± 0.4 Φ14.5 ~ 16.5 Al joint Steel joint Φ19.5 Φ17.5 Dn8 Thin-wall hose

8SRB , 6

5/16” Dn8 Φ8 ± 0.4 Φ18.5 ~ 20.5 Al joint Steel joint Φ23.5 Φ21.5 Dn8 Thick-wall hose
13/32” , 3/8” Dn10 Φ10 ~ 11.5 Φ16.5 ~ 20.5 Al joint Steel joint Φ23.5 Φ21.5 Dn10 Thin-wall hose


13/32” Dn10 Φ10 ~ 10.5 Φ22 ~ 23.5 Al joint Steel joint Φ26.5 Φ24.6 Dn10 Thick-wall hose


1/2” Dn13 Φ12.4 ~ 13.5 Φ19.5 ~ 22 Al joint Φ25 Dn13 Thin-wall hose


1/2” Dn13 Φ12.4 ~ 13.5 Φ23 ~ 25.5 Al joint Steel joint Φ27.7 Φ25.5 Dn13 Thick-wall hose


5/8” Dn16 Φ14.8 ~ 16 Φ22.5 ~ 25 Al joint Φ27.8 Dn16 Thin-wall hose


5/8” Dn16 Φ15 ~ 16.5 Φ28 ~ 29.5 Al joint Φ32.5 Dn16 Thick-wall hose

Detailed Images:

hydraulic crimper tools

Packaging & Shipping

1. Packing: Each in one box, 4 pcs in one carton.

Neutral packing or color box with Brand Bowente or as your requirements.

2. Lead time: 10-20 days after deposit into our bank account.

3. Shipping: By Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS), By Sea, By Air, By Train

4. Export sea port: Ningbo, China



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