Control Valve Tester


BWT No: 37-10293
Voltage supply:11 to 15Volt
Usage temperature:-10°C to +40°C
Storage temperature:-20°C to +50°C
Power consumption max.3A
Drives the compressor from:3 to 100%
Warranty: one year
MOQ: 5 pcs

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Control Valve Tester

The Detector will provide a direct power supply to the electronic control valve on all clutchless, direct drive, externally cont rolled A/C compressors without having to connect to the vehicle’s elect rical system. Its simple, easy-to-use form at will greatly save valuable A/C diagnostic time . It allows you to expand your A/C diagnostic skills.


The vehicle should be at operating temperature;
Set the air conditioning system to maximum cold,
Set the speed of blower on maximum;
Only use vents in the centre of the car (close others);
The airflow should be positioned and set at face vent level
Position a temperature probe in the centre allowing you to measure the air outlet temperature,
Connect a gauge or A/C service station to allow you to view the operating low and high side system pressures;
Disconnect the plug on the A/C compressor control valve harness,
Connect the simulatort o the disconnected control valve plug



Double click the minus (-) button until the unit switches off. This is indicated by the LED tachometer display no longer being illuminated=zero compressor capacity load
Start & run the vehicle; the increase the idling speed to (~1500 U/min).
Proceed by clicking the plus (+)button stage by stage (allowing a 15-second gap between each stage). This will start to load the compressor control valve mechanical capacity. Ensure that the vehicle A/C operating low & high side pressures are changing accordingly on your manifold gauges.
Care should be taken, as the high side pressure can increase during testing with the detector and the Quick start-up operation of vehicle control fans will interrupt correct testing of the A/C compressors control valve.
Always observe the A/C system’s temperatures & pressures while testing with the detector.
Between each increase, observe whether the compressor promotes stages accordingly.

Packaging & Shipping

1. Neutral packing or color box with Brand Bowente or as your requirements.
2. Lead time: 10-20 days after after deposit into our bank account.
3. Shipping: By Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS), By Sea, By Air, By Train
4. Export sea port: Ningbo, China


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