• 5H14 compressor SD6627

    5H14 compressor SD6627

    BWT No: 21-10384

    TYPE: 5H14

    VOLT.: 24V

    CLUTCH: 132/AA

    REFR.: R134a O

    THER NO: 575186 , 5800029


    SD number: SD6627

    MOQ: 12PCS

  • 7SEU17C Mercedes compressor A0012300011

    7SEU17C Mercedes compressor A0012300011

    BWT No: 21-10136

    car model: MERCEDES BENZ S320

    oem no.: A0012300011/ 98394/ 0012301211


    compressor type: 7SEU17C

    pulley: 100mm PV6

    MOQ: 12PCS

    SIZE: Standard size

    Delivery time: about 10 working days by express

  • 10S13C Hino compressor 447180-2910

    10S13C Hino compressor 447180-2910

    BWT No: 21-10193

    car model: HINO TRUCK/RANGER

    oem no.: 447180-2910 / 447220-4442

    compressor type: 10S13C

    pulley: 135.5mm PV1

    year: 2003 –

    MOQ: 12PCS

    Brand Name: Bowente

    Place of origin: Ningbo

  • 7H15 Caterpillar compressor 4769 4301 4726

    7H15 Caterpillar compressor 4769 4301 4726

    BWT No: 21-10578


    SANDEN 4769 4301 4726

    TYPE: 7H15

    VOLT.: 24V

    CLUTCH: 133/PV8

    REFR.: R134a







    MOQ: 12 pcs

    Warranty: one year

  • TM31 DKS32 compressor B2

    TM31 DKS32 compressor B2

    BWT No: 21-10189

    car model: TM31 DKS32 BUS

    compressor type: TM31/DKS32

    pulley: B2

    MOQ: 12PCS

    Application: Universal

    Place: Zhejiang, China

    Product: auto ac compressor

    Warranty: 1 year

  • York compressor ER210R-25200 1924006-C2

    York compressor ER210R-25200 1924006-C2

    BWT No: 21-10832

    OEM Number: ER210R-25200; 1924006-C2

    Application: Farm & Off Road Applications

    No. Comp. Cylinders: 2 cyl

    Oil Type: PAG 100

    Oil Oz.: 10-14 Ounces

    Fitting Port Position: RHS SUCTION

    Fitting Style: Rotolock

    Model: ER210R

    Refrigerant Type: R134a

    Compressor Mount: DIRECT

  • 7SBU16C Audi compressor 4B0260805B

    7SBU16C Audi compressor 4B0260805B

    BWT No: 21-10114

    car model: AUDI A4/A6/A8 PASSAT 3B5 2.3 VR5

    oem no.: 4B0260805B / 447200-9577

    compressor type: 7SBU16C

    pulley: 120mm PV6

    year: 1994 –

    MOQ: 12PCS

    Mark: BOWENTE

    Item: compressor for air conditioner of auto

  • 7SBU16C Mercedes compressor 5412300611

    7SBU16C Mercedes compressor 5412300611

    BWT No: 21-10763

    Car Model: Mercedes BENZ ACTROSL

    OEM: 5412300611/5412301211

    Compressor Type: 7SBU

    Pulley: 129mm PV9

    Refrigerant: R134a

    Voltage: 12V

    MOQ: 12PCS

    Size: Standard size

    Color: Original

  • HS15 Kia compressor 9250-5H030

    HS15 Kia compressor 9250-5H030

    BWT No:21-10684

    Type: HS18

    Voltage: 24V

    Clutch: 143 / 1A

    KIA BONGO 2.7


  • 7H15 Volvo230 AC Compressor

    7H15 Volvo230 AC Compressor

    BWT No: 21-10658

    Type: 7H15

    Model: VOLVO 230

    Pulley: 8PK Φ135mm

    Voltage: 24V

    Refrigerant gas: R134a

    Oil: PAG46/PAG100

    MOQ: 12PCS

    Warranty: one year

  • TRSE09 compressor 3788

    TRSE09 compressor 3788

    BWT No: 21-10581

    Type: TRSE09

    Voltage: 12V

    Clutch: 105 / 7PK

    OEM: 3788

    Application: car/auto

    Key words: auto ac compressor

    MOQ: 12PCS

  • 10PA17C Toyota Hiace compressor 88320-26450

    10PA17C Toyota Hiace compressor 88320-26450

    BWT No: 21-10008

    car model: TOYOTA HIACE RZH10#/11# R12

    oem no.: 88320-26450

    engine type: 1RZ/2RZ

    compressor type: 10PA17C

    pulley: 112mm PV4

    year: 1993 – 2006

    MOQ: 12PCS

    Warranty: 1 year

    Material: Nature

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