Bitzer 4NFCY Bus AC Compressor for Bus HVAC 


BWT No: 21-10837

1. Original Bitzer brand compressor

2. Ensuring maximum cooling capacity for bus air conditioning with1450rpm

3. Match various types of clutch

4. Long service life thanks to high reliability and durable in BITZER quality

5. High efficiency and high smooth running dut to dynamical mass compensation

6. Minimal oil emissions owing to the internal oil separator.

7. CE

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Bitzer 4NFCY compressor application

The well-known Bitzer compressor is the core component of bus air conditioners. Due to its high efficiency, good quality, and good cooling performance in the bus HVAC industry, Bitzer 4NFCY compressors are used in bus air conditioners for the cab or The passenger compartment of the bus is refrigerated or cooled. Please ensure that the weather is comfortable for travelers taking the bus. Bitzer 4NFCY compressor is the core of the bus cooling system, so for your bus manufacturer or small bus manufacturer, how to choose the right bus HVAC compressor is very important.


The function of the Bitzer 4NFCY compressor

Bitzer 4NFCY compressor suitable for various bus air conditioners
1. Original Bitzer brand compressor
2. Ensure that the 1450rpm bus air conditioner has the maximum cooling capacity
3. Match various types of clutches
4. High reliability and durable BITZER quality, long service life
5. High efficiency and smooth operation brought by dynamic quality compensation
6. Due to the internal oil separator, oil discharge is minimal.


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